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We understand the cycle that low income earners are trapped in with unserviceable debt that can be incurred. The poverty premium is a problem faced by employees like you all over the world. At Ryalize our mission is to eliminate both the poverty premium and the debt cycle entrapping employees, as well as giving them the tools and support to achieve financial literacy and independence.
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Benefits of Ryalize

Instant Access to Wages

With Ryalize you have instant access to any portion of your wages that you have earned but are yet unpaid. Anytime, any place

Fixed Flat Fee

Whether you need $300 or $1000 of your earnings for an emergency or an urgent purchase, Ryalize will only charges a nominal fixed flat fee when you choose to use the service. No recurring costs, no inflated hidden charges

No More Financial Stress

With Ryalize, gain security and relief knowing you have access to a portion of your earned wages in case of a financial emergency whenever you need it

No More Predatory Lending

By accessing earned wages through Ryalize there is no need to resort to predatory lenders or pay unfair loan fees

No Need for Credit Approval

Ryalize offers access to wages that have already been earned but not yet paid. No credit approvals, no problems. All requests are processed immediately, after all, it’s your money

Financial Literacy and Counseling

With Ryalize, we aim to empower and educate. Beyond giving you access to your wages, Ryalize gives you access to tools and insights that will secure your financial future

Bills don’t get paid once each month so why should you?

Financial Literacy

We believe that it is not only important to support employees by giving them access to their earned but not yet paid wages, but equally important to provide financial literacy. Sign up here and gain access to financial literacy material at no cost and get a better grip on your financial future.

Financial Wellbeing for all

If your employer wants to increase productivity, improve team wellbeing and increase retention rate, we would love to hear from them.