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Employee wellness is at the heart of our mission. A positive relationship between employers and their teams is a key driver for a healthier happier workforce. With Ryalize, we reduce your teams' financial stress, and support you in becoming an employer of choice.

Ryalize is a financial wellness platform that enables your teams the opportunity to access their earned wages at no cost or cashflow concerns to you.

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The problems we solve for you

Loss in Team Productivity

Each employee loses almost 27 days of productive work time a year due to financial stress

Workplace Accidents

Almost 60 - 80% of accidents happen due to workplace stress, out of this, 60% of stress involves money and health concerns

Employee Retention and Replacement cost

18% of employees lose their jobs due to poor performance at the workplace caused by financial stress

Loss to Business

Businesses incur millions in losses per year from lowered productivity and decreased performance due to financial stress

Why you will love Ryalize

Zero Financial Risk to the Company

We integrate our Ryalize platform with your payroll at no financial risk to you

Zero Cost to Company

Employers bear zero cost during the process of implementation. We integrate the platform seamlessly with your payroll and payroll systems of partner companies

Zero Impact on Cashflow

Ryalize only charges a nominal fee per withdrawal from employees for its wellness services, there is no impact on your cashflow

Increased Productivity

Adopting our platform will reduce the financial stress of employees, which in return will boost their productivity

Increased Employee Engagement

No financial stress on the employee means increased engagement and appreciation of your company

Increased employee Retention and Loyalty

Reducing financial stress on employees through Ryalize will benefit you through higher retention, and increased loyalty of your employees

Reduced Employee Turnover Rate and Cost

Financial wellness improves work motivation and reduces employee turnover rate and ancillary costs to you

Reduced Absenteeism

Financial stress leads to an increase in absenteeism, either through health concerns or to resolve personal financial matters

Reduced Injuries and Healthcare Costs

Financial stability through Ryalize reduces employee workplace injuries and other health issues that stem from financial stress

Improved Recruitment

Offering Ryalize’s wellness benefit plan makes you a preferred employer of choice for candidates

Reduced Workload on Human Resource (“HR”) and Finance Departments

We take care of payroll admin issues of employees so that you don’t have to. Have your team focused on strategy implementation, and let us take care of your administrative load

Easy implementation

Up and running within a few days

Seamless integration with your payroll systems

Total control to maintain security and reduce risk

Adaptable platform that works with your policies

Saves you time and effort through using the platform

The cost incurred of the monthly pay cycle

According to a PWC Survey:
0 %

of employees are distracted at work by their finances

0 %
of distracted employees spend 3+ hours at work each week dealing with issues related to personal finances

We commissioned our own study to uncover the problems faced by certain employees