What is Ryalize?

Ryalize is a financial wellness platform that allows employees of partnered companies access to wages that have been earned, but not yet paid without having to wait for their payday.

With Ryalize, let your Employees choose what day they want to get paid.

For Employers

– Reduce staff turnover:

Numerous studies have shown that the greatest concern of employees in the region is their financial situation. In our own study, we found that 57% of workers interviewed shared this concern.

It has also been shown that employees more concerned about their personal finances, are more likely to be absent or change jobs in order to deal with this situation.

Increase in quality of life:

Your employees will never need to request a payroll advance again! With Ryalize you will be equipping your employees with a tool that improves their financial health, eliminating the need to make excessive usage of expensive credit products that induce stress and lower productivity, such as: payday loans, over reliance on credit cards, and bank overdrafts.

– An advantage in recruiting and retaining staff:

Stand out from your competition! By offering this highly valued benefit to your employees, you will increase your company’s attractiveness as a prospective employer, reduce hiring costs and fill vacancies in less time.

To join as a company, contact us here. Once your company is partnered, the service for employees can be launched immediately.

Based on the information provided by the company, Ryalize calculates for each employee their earned salary and available amount to withdraw.

When the employee confirms a withdrawal, Ryalize deposits the desired amount in the bank account where he/she normally receives his/her payroll. Any day of the year, 24 hours a day, before the payroll payment or withdrawal cut off day.

The day payroll is paid, Ryalize discounts the amount accessed early plus the platform fees for using the Ryalize service from each employee, and the remainder goes into their payroll accounts.

No, Ryalize does not give loans nor is it a line of credit.

Ryalize is a service that allows access only to wages already earned by the employee. Therefore, it is not considered a loan, but rather it is access to accumulated funds by the employee.

Interest will never be charged to the employee nor the company they work for. We have a nominal fixed platform access fee for each withdrawal. This fee is fixed and will always be the same, the amount withdrawn has no bearing on it.

Once the agreement is signed between Ryalize and your company, implementation and activation will happen within 1 working day.

Using Ryalize does not have an impact on the total amount of the salary or the timing of payroll payments. If an employee has not made any withdrawals during the period, he/she will receive his/her full payroll payment.

If an employee makes a withdrawal, he/she will continue to receive his/her payroll payment minus the wages accessed early, which will then be deposited in his/her own payroll account. Meaning that the employee will always receive his/her salary in each payroll period.

All data is protected under the highest security standards in the industry, encrypting it at all times.

For Employees

For every day you work, you accumulate one day’s salary, which is your money! So why should you have to wait for payday to start using it?

With the Ryalize app you can withdraw this balance whenever you want, any day of the year, at any time and have it transferred in your own payroll account. No interest, no hidden charges, only a fixed platform access fee, regardless of the amount you are withdrawing.

If your company is partnered with Ryalize, you just have to download our app and follow the registration and employer linking process. As soon as your account is authorized, you can start to withdraw any amount of your accumulated salary immediately.

With Ryalize you receive your money, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Once a request is made, your funds should be available immediately.

If in doubt, please contact us through the help function in our app.

We use the most advanced and highest security standards in the industry, encrypting and protecting your personal and financial information. In case of any doubt or problem, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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