The hidden cost of the monthly pay cycle
Our mission at Ryalize is to provide employees with instant access to a portion of their earned but yet unpaid wages coupled with financial literacy tools in order to eliminate predatory lending, and alleviate the problem of the poverty premium.
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Our Goals

Put an end to predatory lending

Pay day lenders entrap low wage earners in a debt cycle and are betting against the ability of the earner to pay back their debt

Put an end to financial stress

Financial stress is a leading cause of lost productivity and health problems for employees, by eradicating this problem we improve an employee’s overall wellbeing

Financial inclusion and Impact

There is a direct impact on the lives of the people we touch, we improve te lives of the people we touch

Financial literacy

Empowering employees through education to make secure financial decisions that help in providing an overall improvement to their quality of life, by enabling them to understand their financial choices, and gaining freedom from predatory lending

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has outlined several SDGs as a shared prosperity blueprint for people and planet that all countries adopt and strive towards. From our early days we have developed our platform with the aim of supporting in the achievement of these targets

Our Research

To assess the scale and see how rampant the problems created by financial stress, we commissioned an independent empirical study to collect data on the financial conditions of employees. The results were not surprising.
0 %
of the respondents say that they ran out of money during the month
0 %
of respondents had to pay late bill payments fees during the last three months
0 %
of respondents had to pay payday loans fees during the last three months
0 %
of the respondents stated that they have faced financial difficulty in the last 12 months
0 %
of the respondents said that the financial worries did impact their relationships at work

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