Help your staff navigate financial challenges on their terms

Ryalize is an employee financial wellness platform that provides your team members with access to their earned but yet unpaid wages at zero cost to you.

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Ryalize changes the way income is managed

We are on a mission to tackle the growing problem of the poverty premium and help prevent employees entering a cycle of debt they can’t easily escape. Read our mission in detail here.

Our Mission
A happy team is a productive one

Employee financial wellness is at the heart of our mission, and financial stress is one of the leading causes of lowered productivity. A positive financial relationship with your employees not only increases your retention rate, and an employer of choice.

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Take back control

Bills don’t get paid once each month so why should you? Get immediate access to a portion of your earned but yet unpaid wages, and never have to resort to predatory lenders to support you in your time of need, learn more here.

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In the next 5 years

Every employee’s salary will be on demand

A Problem worth solving

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of employees worry about paying bills on time

0 %

of employees suffer from financial stress

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of productivity lost each year per employee from financial stress

Partner with Ryalize and gain
immediate tangible benefits

Increase productivity

Reduce employee turnover rate and cost

Positive impact on your bottom line

Zero impact on cashflow and no cost to you

Increase employee engagement and retention

With Ryalize you have instant access to your earned yet unpaid wages

Access your earned income interest free

No longer resort to predatory lenders

No more financial stress

No more expensive overdraft fees

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