Earned Wage Access

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Earned Wage Access

Employee wellness is at the heart of our mission. A positive relationship between employers and their teams is a key driver for a healthier, happier workforce. Our Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution helps reduce your employees’ financial stress and makes you the employer of choice.

Beneficial to your business

Zero Setup Cost

Integrate the platform at zero cost to the business

Employee Retention & Productivity

Providing EWA as an employee wellness benefit helps reduce employees’ financial stress which in return increases their overall productivity & engagement

Total Control

Total control, oversight & management of portal with automated withdrawal, calculation & in a seamless process (no changes to payroll practice)

Easy Software Integration

Our software is easy to integrate & allows for automatic salary reconciliation, reducing HR & Financial Control workload

We know what your employees need

To assess the scale and see how rampant the problems created by financial stress, we commissioned an independent empirical study to collect data on the financial conditions of low paid employees in Singapore. We surveyed over 1000 individuals in a financial wellbeing study. The results were not surprising:

0 %
of the respondents say that they ran out of money during the month
0 %
of respondents had to pay late bill payments fees during the last three months
0 %
of respondents had to pay payday loans fees during the last three months
0 %
of the respondents said that the financial worries did impact their relationships at work
0 %
of the respondents stated that they have faced financial difficulty in the last 12 months

How does it work?

In 4 simple steps, you are able to upload employee information & process salaries in a much easier manner.


Corporate Registration & Onboarding

Register as a Corporate through one of our Bank Partners, all around the world (currently available in Bahrain & Jordan).


Employee Onboarding

Upload employee information, manually or through a batch upload directly onto the portal. Our platform can also be integrated into your own HRMS.


Employee Invitation

Invite all eligible employees & give them the freedom to withdraw their earned wages any day, anytime.


Salary Upload & Processing

Process salaries as normal at the end of each pay cycle, without any reconcilation needed.

Take their word for it, not ours

Read more about how our solution impacted businesses.

Corporate in the Retail Optical Industry


“Ratbi is a wonderful initiative, it has helped us in streamlining the monthly payroll process, reduced paperwork and has completely removed the hassle of providing salary advances etc. to our employees.

Ratbi has empowered our employees with more financial freedom. Employees no longer have to go through multiple layers of organizational hierarchy to get what is rightfully their own.”

Group Finance Manager

Got questions?

Read below some of the most common questions & answers below:

Ryalize comes with a set of integration tools (APIs) which your HR system provider could use to integrate both systems directly.

Earned Wage Access gives employees the opportunity to access their earned yet unpaid salary anytime and is available to all salaried employees.

Salary advance is given to selected employees one or multiples of their unearned salary. Not all employees are entitled to this service and there is a risk of repayment on the Employer.

Ryalize applies industry standard security processes ensuring data is encrypted and secure during transfer and storage. Additionally, Ryalize conducts frequent proactive periodic assessments of the solutions it provides.

For employers to deploy this service, it’s completely free of charge!

Depending on where you operate, you can offer to your employees directly by signing up as a Ryalize partner. Alternatively, you can become a client of one of our existing Banking Partners. So far, we are available in Bahrain & Jordan through our trusted partners (Khaleeji Bank & Capital Bank of Jordan).

Find out more about how our EWA Solution can help you boost your employee’s productivity

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